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make sure there is at lease one english speaker employee in every branch

Every branch (at least in bigger cities) should have at least one commercial who speaks english. When creating my account in Barcelona I had difficulties in understanding what the staff was telling me, as they were speaking spanish. There are a lot of expats who would appreciate information given in english.

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  • Dear Herman,

    According to our policy, all our branches should have at least one English speaker. However, if at any time you find yourself in a situation where there is not an English speaker available, you can contact us by phone (+34 902 343 999), e-mail (info@bancsabadell.com) or social networks (http://sab.to/11pLS0E) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll be a pleasure to help you.

    Best regards
    Joel Vives

  • ¡Enhorabuena Herman! Tu sugerencia ha alcanzado los 25 votos necesarios para poder evaluarla y conocer su viabilidad. Llegado a este punto, el estado de tu idea pasa a estar en revisión.
    En este segundo nivel se determinará una resolución que será comunicada por este mismo canal, a ti y al resto de personas que han apoyado la idea con sus votos.
    Gracias por participar.
    Joel Vives

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    ¿Alguién ha sugerido a una entidad bancaria británica que tenga algún empleado que hable español? Que lo intente...

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